Fashion Throwback [Fourth of July]

Happy belated red-lipstick day!

I had several plans for my July Fourth this year (despite being without husband for the summer). I was first invited to my apartment neighbor’s friend’s house. I drank PBR and enjoyed meeting some new people. Afterward, I joined one of my best friends from high school, Chrysa, to watch the fireworks.

July Fourth OutfitFrom what people were telling me, Fourth of July’s of years past have been super hot and humid in Nashville. I had a great first Fourth down here; it was very temperate (75-80 degrees) with limited humidity. I wanted to look somewhat dressy, even though I knew my plans for the day were more casual (mainly because my neighbors friends are all beautiful and fashionable). Besides, holidays are a good excuse to make a statement with your look!

Much like my #ootd [7.10.14], I opted for a tight waistline with a flow-y bottom. I love maxi skirts and dresses! Finding ones that aren’t too long can be a challenge for short people. If you’re willing to pay a seamstress to hem the length I think maxi styles make shorter people look taller, especially in a solid color. They’re also great for curvier girls (like me) who don’t want to draw attention to their large…ass(ets).

bow//forever 21
shoes//delia*s (light brown “cowboy” boots…I wear them a lot so I’m sure you’ll see them in many future posts)


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