My Shopping Bag [7.11.14]

Garden Brunch Cafe

Foreground (my food): Pecan pancakes with turkey bacon and potatoes Background (Jasmine’s food): Bananas foster pancakes with turkey bacon, eggs, and potatoes

The day after my friend Jasmine’s birthday we had a shopping day. Well, we started our day with an amazing breakfast at The Garden Brunch Cafe near downtown Nashville. She ordered the bananas foster pancakes and I order the pecan pancakes. Both were delectable and perfectly fluffy. If you live in Nashville or plan to visit the city I would definitely recommend that you stop here, (Although, I’ve heared that sometimes the wait can be a bit ridiculous. I think we got to the restaurant at the right time. No wait and prompt service.)

Anyway, after a filling and soul-satisfying breakfast we decided to go shopping. Our first stop was Urban Outfitters. It was much smaller of a store than I was expecting, especially since it’s the only location in/near the city. It’s a very well-maintained store, though.

I didn’t find a lot of full-priced items that caught my eye, but I did find several sale items that I ended up buying. I ended up buying an over-sized cardigan (I’ve never owned one before, which is surprising given that I’m originally from northeast Ohio–they’re worn nearly year round there), a neon orange baby doll dress, high-waisted rose-patterned shorts, and a Red Hot Chili Peppers tee shirt for my husband. (All items can be viewed at the bottom of this post.)

Ombre dress

Lookin’ like a model

While Jasmine didn’t find anything at Urban, she did try on a beautiful ombre dress that was on sale.

Jasmine had never been to Anthropologie, so we headed there after Urban. The only location near Nashville is Green Hills.

This Anthropologie is beautiful–very feminine, clean, and excellent customer service. I felt like a rich housewife browsing the store, ready to spend my husband’s money.

Now, I’m in no position to afford any full-priced item at this store, especially not on a regular basis. However, I do believe in splurging every once and a while. I think it’s important to treat yourself to something absurdly expensive that makes you happy. (Or maybe I use happiness to justify my retail habit….)

Anthropologie pastel maxi dress

Looking and feeling as glamorous as Blake Lively

So, I tried on this BEAUTIFUL pastel maxi dress. (I recently finished watching all six seasons of Gossip Girl and, unsurprisingly, I fell in love with Blake Lively’s style over the course of the show.) I looked and felt like Blake Lively in the dress so I bought it. I have no idea when and where I’m going to wear it, but it’s such a sophisticated dress that will stay “in fashion” for years to come. (And I’m certain I’ll have a wedding or two in the next year I can wear it to.) I believe in investing in timeless staples–pieces that are versatile and can be worn during most or all of the four seasons.

Of note–Anthropologie carries petite sizes for a lot of their merchandise. An employee ordered this dress in a petite for me. The dress was delivered to my apartment and shipping was free. Definitely a nice service to offer customers.

Over $200 later (eek!), we headed to The Mall at Green Hills to “window” shop. (I put window in quotes because the shopping bug bit me during this trip.) Given that Green Hills is Nashville’s “ritzier” mall, it’s interior seems a bit outdated. Also, traffic around the mall is a nightmare.

Colored lips

Blue is definitely the lipstick color I’ve been missing, don’t you think?

We made pit stops at Lush, Sephora, Charming Charlie, and Bebe. The highlight of this trip was trying on crazy-colored lipstick at Sephora.

Another fun moment was discovering wear the same dress size. Sisterhood of the traveling dress, here we come!

The Day’s Damage

My shopping bagUrban Outfitters:
shorts//$9.99 [sale]
orange dress//$29.99 [sale]

tee shirt//$9.99 [sale]

dress//$34.99 [sale]

Charming Charlie:

Modeling my pieces


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