#ootd [7.19.14]

On Saturday, my good friend Chrysa and I attended the Pirate and Rum Festival at Nashville Shores. (Side note–I am so lucky to have Chrysa living in the same city as me. She’s been one of my closest friends since high school. I’m so grateful to be making memories with her as an adult.)

The event was disappointing. The website said that there would samples of “artisan rum drinks” and “island style beers.” Rum and coke is my drink of choice. I was hoping this event would expose me to some brands of rum beyond Sailor Jerry and Kraken. Instead, it seemed like the only rums they had were different flavors of Malibu. We got there around 7:30pm and the lines to the rum and beer sample tents were absurdly long. We would get into a line, wait 20 minutes, grab a tiny sample, get in another line, drink our #ootdsample from the previous tent while waiting, grab another sample, etc. It felt like I paid to wait in line.

But, I looked cute doing it!

I wore the orange Urban Outfitters dress I featured in “My Shopping Bag [7.11.14].” It was overcast and in the mid-70s. I layered with a sweater in case in got chillier as the night went on. (It didn’t. I got warmer. I think that was a result of the drinks, not the temperature outside.)

Some gents at the Festival invited us to join them at Three Crow, a bar in East Nashville. We joined them after leaving the event. I shed the sweater and boots and changed into sandals. This was a versatile and comfortable night-out outfit.




One thought on “#ootd [7.19.14]

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