Fashion Throwback [Engagement Photo Shoot]

Welcome to my newest blog post category–fashion throwback! (Done on Thursdays, of course.) This is also a couple’s fashion post. Today’s inspiration comes from mine and Jesse’s engagement photo shoot last May. My man has been in Seattle all summer interning at Alliance for a Just Society. (Here’s a piece he wrote for the organization’s website, “Hate is not the American Way.”) So, I’ve been quite lonely. This post is inspired by this loneliness. What better way to cheer myself up than by looking through old photos of me and my betrothed?

The pictures were taken at The University of Mount Union. We met in college, so a lot of memories were made on Mount’s campus. Long story short, I was his summer orientation guide in 2008. Over the years, our participation in extracurriculars overlapped and we ended up co-hosting a radio show together for three semesters. Below is an excerpt from our show, for your enjoyment. (Please ignore my liberal use of “’cause.” Makes me cringe.)

I was also inspired to write this post because the outfit I wore for my engagement photos represents the moment I realized putting together outfits is a form of creative expression that I enjoy. For years my go-to outfit was a v-neck tee, slim or skinny fit jeans (jeggings, usually), and Converse shoes. (Note: There is nothing wrong with this outfit. I still wear this “look” when I want to be comfortable or when I’m too lazy to play around with my wardrobe.) But it wasn’t really fun to put together this look. By wearing this nearly everyday I was ignoring my wardrobe’s potential (and wasting money spent on garments I rarely wore).

Before sharing my outfit I want to impart my two “fashion” rules to you: (1) Fashion=fun. Each piece of your outfit doesn’t have to be match. Love the way stripes and polka dots look together? Go for it! (2) There’s no such thing as too many layers! An outfit makes the most impact when it has dimension. This can be achieved using different styles and textures of clothing. Layering is your friend, even in the summer (assuming you’re not spending the day outside).

Engagement Photos
These special moments were captured by Laura Fong. A gallery of our photo shoot can be found on Laura’s website through her wedding gallery page.

I didn’t have anyone advising me on what to wear for my engagement photos. So, I just played around with layering certain pieces in my wardrobe. Something about the textures and patterns of these clothes together made me feel beautiful.

scarf//old navy


If you’ve reached the bottom of this post, congratulations! I reward you with my song of the day (something I now plan to add to all future posts). Music is an interest I use to relate to others so it seems fitting to include it in my blog.

It is #tbt so, inspired by the Spotify playlist I’m currently listening to, today’s song is “Ignition (Remix)” by R Kelly. Besides, I totally look like the women in the video when I dance.


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