#ootd [canadian tuxedo]

If sticky humidity before 9 a.m. and crickets chirping loudly at at all hours of the day are any indication, the dog days of summer are officially here in Nashville. It’s not my favorite time of year. Although, does anyone really enjoy having a layer of condensation attached to their forehead as soon as they step outside? I’m really more of a spring and fall kind of gal. This humidity has got me longing for legging and sweater weather. But, in the meantime, why not take pictures by the pool to show of my outfit of the day?

I always thought denim-on-denim was weird. But, a few summers ago, I was inspired to buy the chambray top featured in today’s outfit. Since then, I’ve worn the shirt dozens of times. (An example of one way I’ve worn the shirt can be seen in my “Fashion Throwback” post about my engagement-photo outfit.) Chambray shirts make great cover ups for a variety of different outfits. Also, they’re a lot more comfortable to layer with than a denim jacket.

Summer-Approved Canadian Tuxedo
I ran errands in this outfit, although it is probably better suited for a day at the mall with friends or movies and ice cream with your boo thing. In addition to the shirt, you may also remember the shorts and headband. They were both featured in “My Shopping Bag” from  July 11.

headband//charming charlie
shades//ray ban
shorts//urban outfitters

Most pieces in a person’s wardrobe shouldn’t be one-trick ponies. Pieces should be functional, versatile, and timeless, like this chambray. I think it’s shameful how we’re encouraged to buy in excess and throw away products once we’re bored with them (only to replace them with even more “stuff”). To curb mass consumption in my own life, I hold onto clothes for years. For example, this chambray is easily 3 or 4 years old. Still looks stylish, doesn’t it? So, a PSA to my readers: Please be mindful consumers! Especially working in retail, I’m often tempted to buy numerous items daily. However, it’s important to see the value in what you’ve already invested in. Figure out ways to reinvigorate older pieces in your wardrobe. Or, how about trading a few pieces with a friend? Hosting a clothing swapping party? There a many different ways to be a more mindful consumer. I encourage you to think about some ideas that might work for you.

Song of the Day
Today’s song of the day comes from Bastille’s “Bad Blood.” Next to “Pompeii” (yes I’ve heard it a million times, and yes it’s still as addicting to me as the first time I heard it), “Laura Palmer” is probably my favorite track. Create a song inspired by the strangely inventive TV show “Twin Peaks?” You have my respect, Bastille. Also, I envision myself riding a motorcycle down the highway at dusk with determination in my eyes when I listen to this song. And I’m not wearing a helmet because I’m a daredevil.

Please give the whole album a listen sometime. It’s jolly good. They’re a British band, and I really enjoy how the lead singer’s accent influences nearly every word he sings. He makes even the word “have” sound sophisticated.


5 thoughts on “#ootd [canadian tuxedo]

  1. cuuuuute! and yes to hanging onto clothes for more a few months or a year! in fact…my husband asked me when i had worn my dress i was wearing that was memorial. it was on our FIRST DATE 7 years ago. boom. doing my part to reduce waist (and the dress didn’t suck) 🙂


    • I love hearing that! If something still fits and isn’t worse for wear I keep it. There’s a reason why you bought each item in your closet. I find it just takes a little effort to remember what you loved about an item originally, then you can figure out ways to learn to love it again. How did you and Ryan meet?


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