My Shopping Bag [8.22.14]

Breakfast Bowl

Cheddar explosion.

Last Friday (8/22) my friend Jasmine and I went The Garden Brunch Cafe (for the second time) with our friend, Ashleigh, to celebrate her birthday. (More information about my first visit to The Garden can be found in “My Shopping Bag [7.11.14].”) While I really wanted to have the pecan pancakes again, I decided to be a little adventurous. I tried The Garden’s breakfast bowl–home fries, turkey bacon, and eggs, topped with tons of cheddar cheese and served with a side of toast. I also ordered the “Martinelli” mimosa–champagne and sparkling apple cider. I devoured my plate. If you live in the Nashville area you’re doing yourself a disservice not trying The Garden Brunch Cafe!

Our first stop after breakfast was Flip for Women, a consignment store that sells “mid to upper tier designer” clothing and accessories (Want to Shop). Flip for Men opened in 2005, and the women’s store, located on 8th Avenue South, opened in February of this year. My first impression was that the store was very clean and meticulously organized. Each rack is organized by size and color (ROYGBIV style). I made sure to browse every rack, and I wound up with 19 items (eek!). Fortunately, I didn’t have to carry everything with me while I shopped. Three different associates approached me when they noticed I had two or three items draped over my arm. My items were placed on a rack behind the register, waiting for me to fall in love with all of them.

I enjoyed my fitting room experience. The lighting is perfect (bright but soft illumination) and the rooms are spacious, the carpeting is clean, and there is a huge three-way mirror you can model in front of. There are, however, only three rooms. Depending on how busy the store gets I imagine this will cause some customer irritation.

Plaid men's scarf

J.Crew men’s scarf, reminiscent of the scarves worn by Nick on Andi’s season of The Bachelorette.

I will definitely be making repeat visits to Flip. The sales associates were sociable and the inventory was “just right;” the racks were full enough that garments weren’t blowing in the wind. The interior reminds me of Urban Outfitters–cement flooring and exposed ceilings. I bought two outfits for exactly $100. I discovered after trying on my clothes on that items with a green “Flip” stamp were 50% off. This meant I felt comfortable buying the booties and jeans (their advertised prices were $34.98 and $68.98, respectively). I appreciate that a store like Flip makes it possible for me to afford higher-end designer pieces at reasonable prices.

We also visited Flip for Men. It’s a little smaller than than the women’s store but it appears to have just as great of a selection. What stood out the most during our visit was Flip’s shoe and tie/bow tie collections. With Jesse going into his second year of law school he’s going to continue to need formal and fashionable suiting, including statement ties and dress shoes. I can’t wait to take Jesse to Flip and help him find some great deals on designer clothing.

Flip is located at 1016 8th Ave. S. Nashville, TN. Hours are 10a-7p Monday through Saturday. (615) 732-3547

Cat latch hook pillow

My new cat latch hook pillow!

House of Stella
House of Stella is across the street from Flip. Having never heard of this boutique I was intrigued by the fun and feminine window displays and signage, so Jasmine, Ashleigh, and I ran across the four-lane highway to our next shopping destination. The interior of House of Stella reminded me of Anthropologie–bright, vintage feel with soft colors and feminine patterns.

I was immediately drawn to a latch hook cat pillow sitting on a wicker chair. I had to have it! I also tried on a light blue skater dress covered with artistic vintage cameras that was on sale. I decided not to buy it, however, given how much I had spent at Flip. Overall, I loved the handpicked feel of the items in the boutique, and I will definitely be coming back (once my bank account recovers from my visit home a few weeks ago).

House of Stella signage

Playful signage inside House of Stella

The young woman who helped me purchase the pillow asked if I had any cats. I told her I had one, and she informed me that the store had been named after her late cat, Stella. Stacy (I am assuming this is who I spoke to based on the information I found on House of Stella’s “About” page) also mentioned that she found the already-made latch hook and turned it into a pillow. I am proud to own a one-of-a-kind, handmade item! Thanks, House of Stella!

House of Stella is located at 1025 8th Ave. S. Nashville, TN. Hours are 10a-5p Wednesday through Saturday. (615)- 454-6474. House of Stella has a second location in Cool Springs.

Mo and pecan liqueur

Before knocking it over and spilling about half of the bottle down the drain.

Frugal MacDoogal
Our last stop of the day was Frugal MacDoogal, Nashville’s wine and liquor warehouse. I’m embarrassed to admit that this is my first visit, despite living in the city for over a year. The store is an adult’s version of Toys-R-Us. There is aisle after aisle of liqueurs, beers, wines, rums, whiskeys, etc. Jesse wanted to make rum runners to drink with dinner that night so I picked up the larger bottle of Kraken. I was also intrigued by a pecan liqueur. We consumed both that night (Kraken in our rum runners, and the pecan liqueur combined with milk and ice cream in our Magic Bullet to make milkshakes).

Frugal MacDoogal’s is located at 701 Division St. Nashville, TN. Hours are 8a-10p Monday through Thursday, and 8a-11p Friday and Saturday. (615) 242-3863.


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