#ootd [live on the green]

Jesse and Christina at LOTG

All smiles before the torrential rainstorm

Thursday evening Jesse and I attended Live on the Green (LOTG), a free summer concert series hosted by Nashville’s independently owned rock music station, Lightning 100 (WRLT). Nashville musicians and well-known rock and alternative bands perform in front of the historical Metropolitan Courthouse at Public Square Park. The two acre park sits on top of a subterranean parking lot and “acts as an open public meeting space while also capturing and utilizing over 50,000 gallons of rainwater each year” (Greening, Live on the Green). Besides bringing free music to the residents of Nashville, LOTG has specific guidelines for all of its performers and vendors in order to make it a more environmentally conscious event.

This particular evening, All Them Witches, The Features, and Capital Cities performed. We specifically came to see Capital Cities because we’d missed seeing them on several occasions in past year or so. Capital Cities is “our band” as a couple (second to The Damnwells). We’ve shared many silly moments singing and dancing along to the songs from their debut album, A Tidal Wave of Mystery. Since they’re so special to us I decided to purchase VIP tickets to the event. The VIP package were definitely worth it, especially when it began to monsoon toward the end of All Them Witches’ performance. (More on our Live on the Green experience shortly.)

#ootd [crop top and a skater skirt]
I hesitated to wear long sleeves because it’s been in the mid 90s and humid for the last week, but I (rightly) assumed that there would be a covered area in the VIP section where I could find relief from the sun. Plus, I could always roll up my sleeves.

skirt//forever 21 (old)//similar-floral skater skirt

shoes//boc (old)//similar-black wedge sandal (DSW)

Usually, I don’t feel very confident wearing crop tops (my tummy and I are frenemies), but I think this particular top flattered by body because of where my skater skirt sat along my waist. High-waist skirts with flowy fabric, like the maxi skirt I wore on the Fourth of July. are the most figure flattering because they hide my curvy tummy while accentuating my tiny waist. I did not regret wearing long sleeves that night because it was overcast by the time we arrived in the city. And, after the rain stopped, it was already night time.

View of Deaderick St

View of Deaderick St.

Live on the Green Review
Our first LOTG experience was interesting, to say the least. Titans stadium is near the park, and a preseason game was scheduled that night. So, traffic was stressful. Once we arrived we were overwhelmed by all the booths set up outside the park (which is a compliment to the group who plans the event…there are plenty of food and drink choices to keep guests busy). Parts of Deaderick and 3rd Avenue North were shut down to accommodate all of the vendors. We didn’t stop by any of the booths because three drinks and food were included in the VIP ticket. Unsure of what else to do we headed to the box office to acquire our wristbands and drinking tokens.

Finger foods

Homemade potato chips with cool ranch sauce, wings with hot BBQ sauce, veggie wrap, mini pepperoni pizza, and bacon and blue cheese deviled egg

The first “perk” I noticed about the VIP section were the fancier portable restrooms. No single-unit, hot, and smelly stalls for us! After snapping a photo of the bathrooms we headed to the food station. Offerings included snacks and finger foods inspired by songs by the bands performing that night. It was clever! (See gallery below for a picture of the menu.)

My favorite snacks were the strawberry and banana sandwiches with Nutella (mainly because there was so much Nutella jammed into the sandwich) and the snack mix. I also tried deviled eggs for the first time. The egg white was flavorless but the yolk was bursting with flavor. My only criticisms are that the pizza was “room temperature” and the portions of food were snack-sized and did not make for a satisfying meal.

After scarfing down our food we headed to the VIP lounge. We promptly claimed two of the pillowed lounge chairs while sipping Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale and watching All Them Witches on the big screen (which can be seen in the gallery below). Once the rain came, we were grateful for our comfy seats under the tent. It went from drizzle to downpour in minutes, which forced many VIP guests to seek refuge under the tent. The rain delayed The Features’ performance by at least an hour. During this time, Jesse and I did some quality people watching (which included a woman who brought her baby, who fed her pop to make her stop crying…).

I felt badly for The features. I think they only had time to play five or six songs (including “This Disorder,” which is a catchy tune).

I didn’t take any photographs during Capital Cities performance. I think it’s important to be engaged in the moment rather than focusing on getting the most Instagram-worthy picture. (Another VIP perk: our own standing room only section.) Capital Cities performed “Kangaroo Court,” “Origami,” “Center Stage,” “Chartreuse,” “Love Away,” “Farrah Fawcett Hair,” “One Minute More,” “I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo,” and “Safe and Sound.” Any lulls in this band’s energy I blame on the heat and the fact that they’ve been touring nearly non-stop since last spring (opening for Fitz and the Tantrums and Katy Perry). Highlights of their performance include: Sebu and Ryan’s silly dance moves during “Chartreuse” and “Center Stage,” their moves energized the crowd; Spencer Ludwig‘s trumpet prowess (as a former trumpet player, I was in awe of his stamina); and ending their performance with dancing on stage to a remix of “Safe and Sound” (after performing this song)–the feeling of everyone dancing together was electrifying.

Featured image: Cool lights hanging in the VIP tent

Song of the Day
Safe and Sound by Capital Cities. I love the playful lyrics paired with the uptempo beat. Capital Cities is a genre of their own creation, and I look forward to following their journey in the years to come.


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