Flavorsome Food Trucks in Franklin

Food trucks in parking lotThe Third Annual Street Food Awards took place at Nashville Farmers’ Market this past Saturday. After stuffing my face with delicious food at Whiskey Kitchen I opted not to join my friends Jasmine and Ashleigh at this event. When I saw them this week at work they couldn’t stop talking about the delicious food they tried. Their trip, and my recent Live on the Green experience, got me thinking–how many food trucks are there in Nashville, and why haven’t I thought to try any of them before now?! So, I’ve decided to focus my ongoing dining-out experiences on food trucks. I’m excited to chow down on the delectable choices music city’s food trucks have to offer!

With Backstreet Boys serenading me through my speakers and AC blasting I was prepared for my 30 minute drive to Franklin to begin my first Nashville food truck journey. What possessed me to drive so far to try food-truck food? Because 1) I was determined to try Moovers and Shakers, which received accolades from Jasmine and Ashleigh, and 2) I had a hunch that I would avoid long lines by showing up at a nondescript location (as opposed to a large event, like Live on the Green).

My original plan was to try The Grilled Cheeserie, but I discovered that Moovers and Shakers would be joined by Delta Bound and Slow Hand Coffee in the Optum parking lot in Cool Springs. Better to drive a little further to have the chance to try more than one food truck, I thought. It was clear once I arrived that the only clients visiting the food trucks were Optum employees. Even though I felt a little odd walking alone in my street clothes I was ready to try some food and a milkshake.

My first stop was Delta Bound. At the Street Food Awards Delta Bound placed in the top three for “Best Taco,” “Best Drink,” “Best of the Best,” and five other categories! Today’s menu included fried catfish tacos, beef brisket tacos, pulled pork sliders, chicken salad wrap, and grilled pimento cheese (descriptions of each item can be found in the picture of their menu in the slideshow above). I opted for the chicken salad wrap since I’m a picky eater. One bite of my wrap and I understood why they received so many honors at the Street Food Awards. And I’d say this is the best chicken salad wrap I’ve ever had but it’s the only one I’ve ever tried! It was creamy, sweet, simple, and not too heavy (which I imagine many chicken salads can be because of the mayo).

Delta Bound’s Twitter
Delta Bound’s Facebook

Delta Bound’s Calendar
Delta Bound’s Instagram

I needed to wash the chicken salad wrap down with something–only a Moovers and Shakers milkshake would do! I initially wanted The Foreign Exchange Student (vanilla shake with brown sugar, cinnamon, jerk seasoning, and sriracha) but Allen, the sweet face in Ray Bans taking my order, talked me into the Triple “C.” (Description in the photo gallery above.) While I waited for my shake I chatted with Allen and met my milkshake-maker, and Moovers and Shakers owner, Hayden Coleman. Things I learned: they’re getting a bigger and better truck by year’s end, and they will be at Black Abbey Brewing Company (a monastery chapter house turned brewery) this Saturday from 2-7:30pm. They have some special shakes and sodas planned for this event.

The Triple “C” reminded me of Jeni’s Queen City Cayenne. Sweetness comes first, then the spiciness of the cayenne pepper hits the back of your throat. I love trying desserts made with seemingly contrasting ingredients. Two thumbs up to the creativity that lead to me putting this tastiness in my mouth!

Moovers and Shakers’ Twitter
Moovers and Shakers’ Facebook
Moovers and Shakers’ Instagram

Nashville’s food truck community seems to be very supportive, and there are several tools available to help food lovers like me discover these talented individuals.

Nashville Food Truck Association: This website is dedicated connecting Nashville’s food truck community with the city’s residents. They also have an app, available for Apple and Android users. The app lists all the food trucks registered through the NFTA website and allows users to see check out their favorite trucks’ menus, calendar of events, and “current” location. From my experience, the app still has some kinks. (For example: Under the “Trucks” menu, images for only a few trucks loaded. When I clicked on a specific truck I stared at the “loading” hourglass for while but nothing ever loaded.) I’m definitely keeping the app on my phone in hopes that they iron out the bugs.

Nashvillefoodtruckjunkie.com: A blog run by Nashville Food Truck lover Julie. Julie’s blog celebrates the Nashville food truck community. I am looking forward to staying up-to-date on the latest food truck events via Nashvillefoodtruckjunkie.com!

Roaminghunger.com: Roaming Hunger is a great resource for food truck lovers across the country! Lists of registered food trucks in numerous major cities (including Atlanta, Columbus, and Washington D.C.) can be found on this website. For example, a summary of and recent pictures from Moovers and Shakers can be found on Roaming Hunger. I will definitely be using this site on future visits to Cleveland and Columbus. My only complaint is that they don’t have an app.

And, coming up this month, is the Great Food Truck Festival, hosted by 107.5 The River on September 28 from 4-8pm. The event is being held to support Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee’s Hunger Action Month. Nineteen food trucks will be there, and nonperishable food and cash donations will be accepted.

I leave you with this picture of a cloud I saw on my drive home from Franklin that looks like a thumbs up (or a fish)…

Thumbs up cloud

…and the Song of the Day
September marks the official end of summer (at least mentally, physically…it’s still in the 80s in Nashville). I was trying to think of a song that reminds me of summers past. Dark Blue by Jack’s Mannequin (lead by the handsome and talented Andrew McMahon) was one of my quintessential summer songs years ago (off of 2005’s Everything in Transit). In fact, I saw Jack’s Mannequin in concert…twice. Once in the summer of 2009, and once in the spring of spring of 2012.

Andrew McMahon

Photo evidence! (Taken at House of Blues Cleveland; January 29, 2012)


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