“Times they are a-changin’…”

Pigtail selfieA Word from the Blogger…

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has supported me during the first few months of my blogging venture. I have found the fashion community on WordPress to be very supportive. I’ve also appreciated all the feedback friends and family (hi mom!) have given me. I have confronted a great deal of stress and sadness since moving down to Nashville last August. However, this blog has been a catalyst for positive changes in the personal and professional aspects of my life.

That being said, I’ve realized that the “Polka Dots and Bows” brand doesn’t fully express what my blog has become since my first #ootd post in July. When I started this blog I felt like the only positive aspect of my life, besides my marriage, was my developing creative outfit ideas using the clothes in my closet. Since then I’ve realized I have innumerable other interests and so many experiences to be grateful for. That’s why I will be changing my blog name from “Polka Dots and Bows” to “My Best Life.” This blog has become an exercise in self-discovery; it encourages me to figure out how to live “my best life.”

I also want “My Best Life” to be a positive resource for those dealing with depression and anxiety. I want to help others realize that, while depression and anxiety will always be a part of you, they don’t have to define you. It takes time and patience to move beyond the inhibiting cycle of self-hate and paranoia, but it’s possible! When you find a way to convert negative energy into something constructive you realize that you are the only person standing in the way of your success and happiness. Overall, the intention of “My Best Life” is to encourage individuals to explore what experiences will help them live their “best life.”

I hope you will continue to support me during this transition.  I promise you’re going to love what I’ve got planned!

Later, tomaters!


EDIT 9/12/2014

The domain for “My Best Life” is not available, so it’s back to the drawing board! Whatever the new name is my intent will remain the same–the showcase the people, places, and things that inspire me to live my best life.

Song of the Day
“Shadow Days” by John Mayer.
John Mayer is, by far, one of my favorite musicians. His lyrics are just as beautiful as his melodies, and his talent is consistent. I think “Shadow Days” is a great ballad about having the courage to move beyond a period of darkness in your life, and realizing that sometimes you have to hit your lowest in order to become a better version of yourself.

Featured image courtesy of TheBerry.com.


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