#ootd [in love with lace]

This was an important week for me, mainly because I’ve been given the opportunity to display my social media and marketing prowess in a professional setting. I don’t know how much information I can disclose since the details of this job opportunity are still being developed. But let’s just say that I will likely be consuming a lot of milkshakes (of the ice cream variety) in the foreseeable future.

Besides the unwavering support of my mom and husband something else gave me the confidence to succeed in the meetings I had this week–lace! Today’s #ootd post is a double feature, focusing on two lace-inspired looks.

Wednesday: Dressed to Impressed
For my first meeting this week I wore one of my favorite dresses–a feminine and versatile piece I purchased last spring from Girly Girl Boutique. Girly Girl Boutique has become one of my preferred online shopping destinations. I love the youthful, simple, and preppy items they sell.

necklace//h&m (current season)//similar-short silver chain necklace & short gold necklace with roses
dress//girly girl boutique (old)//similar-spring wedding dress
shoes//nine west (old)//similar-Fergalicious mesh platform wedges
***Wedges are my favorite shoe style! They give you the height of a heel without the blister-inducing discomfort.

Friday: Ready to Rock
Today I met Nashville-based singer/songwriter Alex Saad, who’s currently providing lead vocals in the two-piece band Alexa. She has an immense amount of talent, and I’m looking forward to helping her develop her online branding in the months to come. That being said, I encourage you to check her out on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram! She’s also got a few songs uploaded to SoundCloud–please give Alex a listen. I promise you’re going to fall in love with her.

Having never heard of Alex before I took to Google to find out more about her. Realizing I was going to be meeting a beautiful and insanely talented young musician I wanted my outfit to look professional and demonstrate how serious I am about the chance to work with her. I also wanted to dress in a way that felt rock chic (minus the leather). Real talk: I’m obsessed with this outfit. I can’t wait to come up with an excuse to wear it again soon!

bow//etsy//similar-mint lace bow
necklace//h&m (old)//similar-3D geo pendant necklace

lace crop top//h&m//similar-lace sleeve crop top
basic black crop top//h&m//featured in #ootd [live on the green]
skirt//h&m (old)//featured in #ootd [prints-n-patterns]

All photos were taken at W.O. Smith, a music school that offers instruction to children of low-income families for 50 cents a lesson.  (Students must qualify for the free and reduced lunch program in Nashville metro schools in order to receive lessons.) Chrysa, one of my closest friends since high school, is W. O. Smith’s development coordinator. She had a few minutes this afternoon to snap some photos of my awesome outfit. I enjoyed taking pictures in a new location (more specifically: in a place that wasn’t my apartment). W. O. Smith’s interior feels like a trendy art gallery and studio loft in downtown NYC had a baby. I love it.

Song of the Day
Rain by Alexa: Can you tell how excited I am about Alex’s music? This girl can sing, AND she kills it on piano. I love how the melody of “Rain” conveys the feeling of a rainy day.


8 thoughts on “#ootd [in love with lace]

    • Thanks, Chelsea! Great feedback as always. My friend and I had so much fun with our impromptu photo shoot. (And her help was especially appreciated because Jesse has this weird aversion to taking photos. I’m lucky if I can get him to take more than 3 or 4 pictures of outfits for my blog.)


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