The Grilled Cheeserie: Comfort Foods with a Gourmet Touch

The Grilled Cheeserie: Exterior | Christina's Best LifeI’m a comfort food junkie. I truly believe I could eat macaroni and cheese almost everyday of the week and not get bored with it. (But only Kraft’s cheddar explosion. I encourage you to try it, if you haven’t already. You will become a cheese-believer.) That being said, I’ve eaten a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches over the years. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy several of the massive sandwiches at Melt in Cleveland, and I love how Twisted Meltz, in Kent, has named it sandwiches after Northeast Ohio celebrities.

On my recent visit to The Grilled Cheeserie, undoubtedly one of Nashville’s most popular food trucks, the most important question I kept in mind as I stuffed my face with my caprese melt was “what differentiates this sandwich from the dozens of other grilled cheeses I’ve tried?” My simple answer to that question: The Grilled Cheeserie offers “gourmet homemade” soups, sandwiches, and treats.  If your mom went to culinary school she’d serve you the types of food offered at The Grilled Cheeserie. (Mom–I fondly recall all of the grilled cheeses you made for me over the years. What they lacked in gourmet ingredients you made up for with TLC!)

The Grilled Cheeserie: The Truck

The Grilled Cheeserie: The Food

The Grilled Cheeserie’s Achievements in Culinary Excellence!

  • Tomato soup: I don’t like chunky tomato soup. So I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the tomatoes in The Grilled Cheeserie’s version of tomato soup were pureed. I barely noticed them. It was like tricking a child into eating vegetables by including them in a dish the kid enjoys. I admired how this soup’s ingredients could be tasted individually while also complementing one another. Next time I’m feeling sick I would like The Grilled Cheeserie to make me some of this soup and deliver it to my door.
  • Specialty sauces: While there was nothing special about the tater tots (well..they were tater tots so they were still amazing) I enjoyed using them as a means to sample the herby mustard and tot sauce. I loved the tang of the tot sauce (I cleaned out the cup), and I’m not the biggest fan of mustard–it has a very overwhelming flavor–but this version uses herbs and flavors that manage to mute the mustard taste slightly.
  • Caprese melt: Much like chunky tomato soup, I also have an aversion to whole pieces of tomato. Why would you order a sandwich with tomatoes on it then, silly head? Because I wanted to try a “limited time only” item. What made this sandwich stand out from my previous tomato-in-sandwich experiences is that the tomato was cooked before being put on the sandwich. Often, the tomato is thrown in the sandwich, almost as an afterthought. I don’t like the texture of raw tomatoes. The tomatoes in my caprese were roasted in balsamic before touching the sandwich. Once grilled, they were so moist and flavorful. The Grilled Cheeserie has officially made me love tomatoes. Well, cooked tomatoes, anyway.
  • Cookie melt: What can I tell you about this cookie sandwich that the pictures above can’t show you? Let’s just say I did not feel guilty, despite consuming the entire thing alone. 

I also want to recognize them for their excellent and easy-to-navigate website and their smart use of the paper the food is served on as a marketing tool. The logo is included, in addition to their social media handles and the hashtags (“#cheesygoodness” and “#meltofthemoment”) they like people to use when tweeting, Instagram-ming, and Facebook-ing about The Grilled Cheeserie. Thank you for providing me with a great eating experience, Grilled Cheeserie!

Food Truck Insider Tip: If your schedule allows for it, try to visit the trucks when they’re at a corporate center during the week. Because these happen in random parking lots in the suburbs lines are nearly nonexistent. Service is fast and you have the time to meet the people making your food.

Bonus Recipe!
In the months to come I’ll be posting recipes I’ve made using locally purchased ingredients and based on ones I’ve found on Pinterest. I’ll warn you, I use ingredients based on guesstimates and gut feelings. I’ve followed directions to the “T” (even boxed directions!!) and the dishes don’t come out right.  I hope you’ll use my recipes as inspiration for the food you make rather than using them as how-to’s.

Inspired by my visit to The Grilled Cheeserie I created a “gourmet” grilled sandwich. I call it the dark chocolate waffle nutter!

Dark Chocolate Waffle Nutter

  • 2 slices whole wheat bread (I used Bunny Bread)
  • 2 small slices of butter
  • 1 tablespoon marshmallow creme
  • 1 tablespoon chunky peanut butter
  • Small handful of Waffle Crisp cereal
  • Small handful of dark chocolate pieces

1. Pre-heat skillet, medium heat (4-5 on my stove)
2. Arrange peanut butter, marshmallow creme, waffle crisp, and dark chocolate on the bread however your heart desires! The combine the two slices of bread.
3. Put a small slice of butter on the skillet. Swirl the butter to coat the middle of the skillet.
4. Grill the sandwich to your desired level of crispness.

Recommendations: I would use waffle batter for the sandwich. I would add cinnamon and maple syrup to the batter (and turkey bacon, because why not?). Voila! Gourmet savory sandwich made at home.

Questions for you:
1. What’s the best grilled cheese you’ve ever had? Where was it from?
2. Nashville residents–have you tried The Grilled Cheeserie? What’s your favorite item from their menu?
3. Food truck season will still be going on for a few more weeks. What/where would you like to see me eat next?


3 thoughts on “The Grilled Cheeserie: Comfort Foods with a Gourmet Touch

  1. YES. i want everything in this post! i’m with you on not liking chunky tomato soup (it’s a new thing i’ve only been eating for the last year anyways) so i’m happy they were pureed and oh my goodness both the grilled cheese you had from the truck AND the one you made are making me salivate.

    i cannot look at your blog before dinner because it’s making my spaghetti squash i’m making sound like crap.


    • My introduction to tomato soup was Progresso’s delicious and creamy tomato basil. I’m glad I’m not the only turned off by chunks of tomato in my soup. (Thinking about it is making me my skin crawl a little bit…that’s how much of an aversion I have to chunky tomato soup!)

      Your salivating is a good thing…glad my pictures did the food I ate justice! I especially appreciate that you approve of the sandwich I made. I’m not much of a cook but I’m getting there, one Waffle-Crisp-inspired dish at a time. And, hey, spaghetti squash is a totally legitimate dish! I’ve been using my blog as an excuse to eat so much new food lately that I’ve almost forgotten what healthy dishes taste like.


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