#ootd [two girls walk into a bar…]

Last Friday night comedian Ralphie May performed at The Kent Stage (in Kent, OH). While I was not in a constant state of laughter, as you would hope to be at a comedy show, May did have some some comedy gold hidden in between all the raunchy sex jokes. Joining me in intermittent laughter was my best friend, and today’s featured outfit-of-the-day-er, Allison.

With Allison at my wedding | Christina's Best Life

From my wedding this summer. Allison was my maid of honor!

Allison has certainly been an indirect influence to this blog. For years, my go-to look was always a basic v-neck tee and slim-fit jeans (and maybe a scarf if I was feeling creative). In contrast, Allison always dresses to perfection, no matter the occasion. And what I’ve always admired about her style is her ability to effortlessly and confidently combine seemingly conflicting patterns, textures, and designs. So, over the years her confidence rubbed off on me.

About a year ago I questioned why I wasn’t putting more effort into my everyday personal appearance. What Allison helped me realize is that every moment in your life is special, and that part of what helps define these moments is what we wear. When I transport myself to a cherished memory part of what I recall, apart from the awesome people involved, is how I looked and felt in that moment. We are living in a time where every detail of an outfit becomes an extension of who we are, and our style decisions help us tell our story without having to speak. (If you knew Allison, I think you’d agree that this diatribe would make her proud.)

So, everyone, please give a warm welcome to the first non-me person to be featured on my blog: Allison Khanna!

Allison’s #ootd

What I love about this outfit is how the combination of stripes, stars, and leopard print is so flawlessly executed. These patterns are cohesive, not distracting, when worn together. Allison has made me realize that there are very few limitations to what pieces can be worn together, and her personal style has encouraged me to experiment with my own wardrobe.

Christina’s #ootd

I wear the braided headband a lot, but it has a tendency to slide off my head throughout the day (and give me headaches). Trying something new, I wrapped the headband around my bun. This is not only a cute and fun way to wear the headband, but it also covered up any exposed bobby pins. I love discovering new ways to wear beloved clothes and accessories.

headband//h&m (also featured in “Plaid Thai“)
cardigan//h&m (old)//similar kimono-style polka dot cardigan (etsy)
necklace//xmas gift from Allison//similar (etsy)
pants//h&m (current)//similar slim-fit high-waist pants (also featured in “Plaid Thai“)
heels//girly girl boutique (old)//similar (dsw)


After what was easily a two-hour show, Allison and I had the opportunity to take a picture with May. I would say we got to meet him, but the line of people was moving pretty quickly so we really only had the chance to say hi, smile, then exit the venue. I also think it’s worth noting that instead of saying goodbye to him like a normal person I scratched his back in the way you would a close friend’s. Why did I do that?

With Raplhie May | Christina's Best Life

And an explanation for today’s title…
After leaving the show I asked Allison if she wanted to grab Insomnia Cookies, a late-night bakery that is perfectly suited for this college town. On our way to cookie heaven we passed 157 Lounge, a two-roomed lounge with seating on one side, a dance floor on the other, and a bar in the middle. I stumbled upon this bar on several occasions when I was a graduate student at Kent, and tonight was no different. All it took to get me inside was the 90s music blasting from inside. I never pass on an opportunity to dance. No one carded us at the door, so we headed straight to the dance floor.

People were dressed in pink, and there were pink balloons and streamers everywhere. We deduced that it was a breast-cancer awareness party. For a moment, we felt like we were crashing a party we weren’t invited to. But I couldn’t stop my dancing feet from jumping around. Hence, “two girls walk into a bar….” Don’t worry, folks! We did not forget about Insomnia Cookies! Allison ordered the triple chocolate chunk, and I ordered the chocolate peanut butter cup. (Insomnia Cookie’s sample menu.) The best part is the cookies are served warm to give the illusion that they came directly out of the oven.

Comedy Clip of the Day
As my legions of followers know I like to include a song of the day with my fashion posts. This time I’ve decided to include an excerpt from a Ralphie May routine from many years ago titled “‘Cuba Diving.” This was mine and Allison’s first exposure to May. We discovered it late one night during one of our many sleepovers in college.


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