#ootd [sunny days & fuzzy sweaters]

glasses//warby parker ainsworth in elderberry
blouse//lauren conrad for kohl’s (old)//similar polka dot chiffon secretary blouse
sweater//h&m (old)//similar mohair-blend sweater in light pink
pants//gap (old)//similar 1969 always skinny skimmer jeans
boots//report jesslyn harness boot [originally featured in Sweaters, dresses, and leggings–OH MY!]

I’m back from a brief hiatus. I’ve been quite busy with some freelance work, and I just haven’t had a good chunk of time to sit down and write. On the plus side, I’ve started about two or three posts that I intend to finish before Christmas! (That’s my goal, anyway.)

I’d forgotten how good pink and green look together until I created this outfit. Green’s earthiness is a nice contrast to pink’s femininity. I added a high-low polka-dotted blouse to break up the two solid colors.

I purchased this cozy pink sweater after seeing it on Lana Del Ray, the face of H&M’s 2012 holiday campaign. I don’t wear this sweater too often because it’s quite itchy. I also find it challenging to layer heavier sweaters, like this one. I don’t want to wear long-sleeves underneath because I’ll get too hot. But anything shorter than long-sleeves leaves a lot of skin exposed to the sweater’s itchy wrath! First world problems, indeed.

I’m obsessed with my glasses, courtesy of Warby Parker. I’ve really been wanting a new pair of glasses–a pair I’m not embarrassed to wear (sorry, old frames…) that I would be comfortable wearing on night’s out with the hubs.  The problem is prescription glasses are often very expensive. Jesse suggested I check out Warby Parker, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they offer affordable and design-conscious prescription glasses. The pair I got (Ainsworth in Elderberry) were only $95 (around $103 with tax), and they’re super trendy! They’ve got a great selection of frames in a myriad of fun colors and designs. (I recommend taking a look at the company’s options for women’s eyeglasses.)

Ainsworth by Warby Parker | Christina's Best Life

Haven’t convinced you to buy your next pair of glasses from Warby Parker, yet? In addition to reasonably-priced eye wear the company also has a “buy a pair, give a pair” program. Each month Warby Parker makes donations to several nonprofit partners “which covers the cost of sourcing” the number of glasses purchased. These organizations distribute glasses to individuals in developing countries. Equally important is the training these nonprofits give to “men and women in developing countries to give basic eye exams and sell glasses to their communities at affordable prices.” (Quoted material pulled from the Buy a Pair, Give a Pair page on Warby Parker’s website.) I admire altruistic-minded companies that are able to increase profits and grow while being socially responsible about their business practices. Warby Parker acknowledges the value of giving back to “the” community, locally and globally.

Since Warby Parker is a growing business it doesn’t have a huge number of retail locations (though given the quality of its products and its commitment to giving back, I’m sure we’ll be seeing an influx of store fronts and showrooms in the years to come). Fortunately, Warby Parker has a home try-on program where you get up to five pairs for five days. The frames ship for free, both ways, which is a great incentive to participate in the program. Fortunately, Warby Parker has a showroom in Nashville at the southwestern-inspired boutique Imogene + Willie, located in the 12South neighborhood, so I was able to try multiple pairs in a retail environment.  (More on Imogene + Willie and 12South soon, in a series I’ll be starting titled “Best of Nashville.”)

Ask the Audience
1. Do you prefer wearing glasses or contacts?
2. What altruistically-minded company or organization do you admire? Why?
3. What hip, fun, or trendy boutiques do you like to visit in your city/town?


2 thoughts on “#ootd [sunny days & fuzzy sweaters]

  1. love that you live close to a warby-parker location! we don’t have one here so i’m doing their in-home try on and can’t wait! love those glasses on you! i started wearing glasses in 7th grade, hated them and got contacts which i wore until mid-freshmen year of college.

    now i’m all about the glasses…until i get lasik surgery which i want baaaad. glad you came back to bloggy world but yay free-lance things!


    • Which glasses are you trying on? And thanks! I feel very hipster/celebrity. I feel much cooler in these frames than my old pair. They’re a little tight so they’re giving me headaches, but I’ll work through the pain! 🙂 I think I got glasses around the same time. I was trying to be cool by sitting in the back of my 5th or 6th grade health class, but then I realized I couldn’t read anything on the board. That’s the day I knew my life was over. Just kidding. Contacts are great, but my allergies are pretty bad here in Nashville (compared to “back home” in Ohio) so my eyes get dry and itchy on a more regular basis. That’s why I’d been wanting a new pair of glasses, so I could stop feeling like someone is stabbing my eyes out while wearing contacts.

      Do you have plans to get lasik any time soon? I’m too scared to get it. I also think it would be super weird to have “perfect” vision. And, thanks again! It’s great to be back! I need to create an editorial calendar so I can hold myself more accountable for creating content. While unpaid, the freelance stuff has definitely had a positive impact on my outlook and I think it will look really great on a future resume.


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