Winter Pieces and Spring Essentials (and a blog update)

Christina’s Best Life Update

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Greetings, friends! And welcome to the new and improved version of Christina’s Best Life! After months of inactivity I thought a new design would motivate me to start blogging again. In the months since starting this blog I’ve found that, while super fun, blogging is a time-consuming undertaking. When I began this blog it was a much-needed source of inspiration at a time when I was disinterested in nearly everything in my life. Since Thanksgiving (which is about the time of my last entry), I’ve taken a more active role in creating my own happiness, instead of expecting others (mainly my husband) to make me happy. With my renewed sense of self-awareness has come an openness toward new experiences (which means I’ve had less free time to blog).

That being said, moving forward, the purpose of this blog will reflect my wider range of interests. While still primarily an outlet for my creative writing, Christina’s Best Life now includes samples of my freelance photography and graphic design work. I also hope that the new design makes my content more accessible for y’all. I mean…you all. (It’s official. the South is affecting my speech.)

Now, onto the more fun portion of this entry–a look at some of my favorite winter-to-spring looks from a recent trip I took to Ohio!

Winter Pieces and Spring Essentials

Like the majority of the world’s population my favorite seasons are fall and spring. Aside from the beauty that comes with the changing of the seasons, I love spring and fall because it’s so much easier to dress for these seasons. Layering is one of my favorite aspects of defining my personal style. I have the most fun playing with my wardrobe and accessories during these seasons.


Fig. 1: I ate a lot of bacon.

At the end of March, I was fortunate enough to have a week long vacation, during which I spent some much needed time with my mom, saw some close friends, and ate a lot of delicious food (some of which I intend to feature at an undisclosed time in the near future [see figure 2]). Preparing outfits for such a long period of time away from home is always a challenge. (PRO TIP: Pack tops that can be mixed and matched in creative ways, and bring versatile bottoms that can be worn with most if not all of the tops you bring. Or, just buy a bunch of new stuff wherever you’re vacationing. WARNING: Following the latter of these tips will force you to get creative with packing for the trip home, especially if you’re flying.) Knowing Ohio would most certainly be chillier than Nashville, I packed tops and sweaters that were easy to layer and comfortable that also provided some necessary warmth.

My key pieces as my wardrobe springs forward are infinity scarves, boots, basic tees, and light-weight sweaters. My favorite trends this spring are imitation leather pants, high-waist jeans, and high-low tops and sweaters. All of these pieces and trends are featured below.

#ootd march 21
Key pieces: infinity scarf, oversized sweater, ankle boots, high-waist jeans

Christina's Best Life OOTD photo collage

Cincinnati Music Hall

Fig. 2: Cincinnati’s Music Hall, built in the 1870s. Historic and beautiful.

These photos were taken in Mason, OH, a suburb of Cincinnati, (Which is a beautiful city, by the way [see figure 2]. Ohio is definitely worth visiting. If you ever think you’ll travel to Ohio, I recommend visiting the middle and southern parts of the state. Lots of history and beauty to be seen and fun to be had, including this, this, and this. [These sites chosen based on no criteria whatsoever…except awesomeness.]) I spent this beautiful Saturday with one of my best friends from high school, Rachael. I think we both had a lot of fun during this photo shoot, thanks to some duck visitors and the super-high winds that kept blowing my hair onto my face.

scarf//h&m (old)
shirt//jersey top (h&m), in light purple
sweater//urban outfitters [originally featured in My Shopping Bag (7.11.14)]//similar fine-knit cardigan (h&m)
pants//h&m (old)//similar skinny high jeans (h&m)
boots//jessie ankle boots (white plum)

#ootd march 23
Key pieces: infinity scarf, high-low sweater, ankle wedge boots, colored skinny jeans

OOTD photo collage 2

I love wearing colored jeans/bottoms. They are a nice change from–blah–denim. These light teal jeans matched with this purple hi-low sweater are the perfect match. I chose neutral accessories to finish off this look (since the top and bottom provide enough color). While the darker colors in this outfit feel more “fall” than “spring,” I think this is a great transitional outfit. Also, my bangs are a little too long right now, so, instead of having them obscure my vision, I experimented with parting them to the side and–voila–perfect hair day! (This photo was also taken shortly after I finished blow drying it, which explains its voluminousness.)

What you can’t really see is my makeup. In my day-to-day life I rarely wear makeup because of the effort it takes, and the fact that I feel like it’s a sexist phenomenon. (Like, women are expected to wear makeup. Sure, makeup accentuates our natural beauty, but women, like men, look the way they look and shouldn’t be expected or pressured to wear makeup in order to “impress” others.) That being said, I love wearing makeup and experimenting with various eye shadow and lipstick colors. (Currently obsessed with Too Faced‘s eye shadow palettes and their Melted long wear lipstick collection.) During this trip I actually had the time to do my hair and makeup, which I enjoyed.

scarf//boutique purchase (old)//similar black bow infinity scarf (etsy)
sweater//h&m (old)
pants//gap (old)
boots//nine west (old)

#ootd march 24
Key pieces: infinity scarf, high-low sweater, imitation leather pants, hat

OOTD photo collage 3

OOTD photo collage 4

Have you ever had an outfit idea that, once executed, looks EXACTLY like you imagined? This was one of those outfits for me. I felt comfortable, beautiful, and confident in this outfit. At 26, I find it very difficult to dress my age. On one hand, I still feel (and I am) very young, but I’m also getting closer to 30, which is an age that you are, without a doubt, considered a full-fledged adult. I think this outfit finds the perfect balance between youthfulness and maturity. I achieved this balance by mixing textures (cotton sweater and imitation leather pants) and wearing playful accessories (a hat, scarf,–which is actually a “regular” scarf that I made look like an infinity by tying it at its ends–and earrings). This is easily one of my favorite outfits of all time. (I hope I can wear it at least one more time before summer officially arrives in Nashville!)

hat//show me your mumu (old)//similar wool hat (h&m)
earrings//h&m (old)
scarf//h&m (old)//similar patterned scarf (h&m)

sweater//fine-knit sweater (h&m), in light blue
pants//imitation leather pants (h&m)
boots//report jesslyn harness boot [originally featured in Sweaters, dresses, and leggings–OH MY!]

Song of the Day

I haven’t posted one of these for a while! Today’s featured song is Modest Mouse’s “Lampshades On Fire,” from their most recent album, “Strangers To Ourselves.” I’m digging the melody of this song, and I like how the lyrics make tongue-in-cheek observations about humans’ proclivity toward destruction.

Ask the Audience
1. What are your favorite clothes and colors to wear during spring?
2. What fashion/style trend(s) confuse you? What trends and pieces would you like to try?
3. Have you ever had an outfit idea that, once executed, looks exactly how you imagined? If so, what did that outfit look like?


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