JoJo Style Challenge Day 1


“Slay, Queen JoJo, Slay!”

If you visited me on a Monday night, during Miss JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette, chances are you would catch me yelling this at my TV. (Or texting it to my mom, who’s also a big Bachelor[ette] fan.) I’ve always enjoyed the female-led iteration of The Bachelor franchise (minus the slut-shaming during Katilyn’s season). To me, The Bachelorette is what dreams are made of–dating more than one guy at a time, romantic and unique dates with beautiful backdrops, sexy (often shirtless) men vying for your attention. Sign me up!

As a long-time Bachelor-franchise fan one of my favorite episode-viewing activities (besides drinking–duh) is getting style inspiration from The Bachelorettes. I will follow every season’s lead on Instagram and screenshot my favorite looks. Of the twelve seasons, JoJo’s wardrobe has been one of my favorites. Her make-up and style are simple, accessible, and feminine. Even her rose ceremony and cocktail party looks are chic and timeless, but with modern touches (for example: shoulder cutouts, crop tops and high-waist bottoms). So, I say again: slay, queen JoJo, slay.

I’ve really enjoyed JoJo’s season. She’s been my home girl since bachelor nation was first introduced to her on Ben Higgins’s season. (Wearing a unicorn head is certainly one way to make a first impression!) My friend Katie and I started our own Bachelor draft during Ben’s season, which you should read up about over at her blog, Call Me Trouble. JoJo (and Lauren Bushnell) were my top picks for at least top 4, so imagine my delight when they made final two and won me all the points (and the draft)! But I digress.

Paying homage to JoJo’s overall awesomeness, I decided to challenge myself to recreate five of her looks over the next five days. I have dubbed this the “JoJo Style Challenge”! Every day I will be posting a new look, complete with side-by-side comparisons so you know exactly what look I’m attempting to recreate.

I thought this challenge would be a great way to get me back into blogging. Plus, I’ve always wanted to show how easy it is to recreate the looks you see on celebrities and public figures. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look awesome. In fact, you don’t even need to buy anything new to achieve celebrity-inspired looks. I bet you’ve got some items hiding in your closet that are just waiting to live up to their potential!

Without further ado–

Who wore it better?


BFFs, obviously//Photo credit: Cary Fetman

JoJo rocked this comfy casual look in episode two. Of all the looks I’m recreating this week, I cannot remember what date she wore this for. That being said, I think it’s a great summer-into-fall look. I also love oversize sweaters. (I call the one I’m wearing my “grandma sweater.”) They’re versatile. A fall-wardrobe essential, perfect for layering.

ring//red giraffe designs


For a nearly complete list of every outfit JoJo has worn this season you can visit Who What Wear’s episode-by-episode outfit recap. You can also find a clothing guide over at Pradux.

All of the clothes I’m wearing for this week’s posts are *old,* but please leave a comment if you’re curious about what brand I’m wearing! Always happy to provide fashion guidance.


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