JoJo Style Challenge Day 4

JoJo Style Challenge

Happy Thursday, friends! The weekend is only a day away which means my week-long JoJo Style Challenge is coming to end. Try not to get too choked about it. Everything must come to an end; and so it goes. But I’ve still got two new looks to discuss. So let’s get started with today’s post, shall we?

In episode 7, JoJo and her harem of super fit, perfectly coiffed men headed to Buenos Aires. JoJo finally gave Alex a one-on-one date. After a long, awkward car ride down a seemingly never-ending road they arrived at a ranch. While there, Alex was forced by producers voluntarily dressed up as a gaucho, though he looked more like a gondolier, especially next to JoJo in her modern-ranch chic ensemble. (Can this be a thing?)

Who wore it better?

JoJo Style Challenge

And who has the better thousand-yard stare?//Photo credit: Cary Fetman via JoJo Fletcher

On the date, an *actual* gaucho showed them the special bond that can be forged between horse and human by, what can only be described as, cuddling with his horse. Not sure what kind of parallels the producers were trying to draw between love and horse-whispering, but it didn’t ignite the romance between JoJo and Alex. Thus, Alex was sent home by night’s end. (Where his carriage turned back into a pumpkin and he turned into another one of JoJo’s castoffs, destined to extend his five minutes of fame by appearing on Bachelor in Paradise.)

Not pictured: The two kind ladies sitting in the gazebo who said I’d make a great bachelorette. (Are you listening, Chris Harrison?)

In replicating this look, I used the cowboy boots worn with Tuesday’s Texan cookout outfit. As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I’m a big advocate of working with what you’ve got in your wardrobe. (Not that that stops me from the occasional impulse buy. I’m female, after all.) In fact, JoJo seems to have gotten a lot of mileage out of a pair of white cutoffs, which I’ll discuss more in tomorrow’s post.


Were you as weirded out by this date as I was? (Bring back the adrenaline-pumping dates where the contestants compare jumping out of planes to falling in love!) What was the best, least weird date of the season? And why is JoJo always resting her hand on something in all of her pictures?



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