JoJo Style Challenge Day 5

JoJo Style Challenge

Floral Friday

This is it. The dramatic conclusion of my JoJo Style Challenge. On Monday we learned that JoJo gave her final rose to Jordan Rodgers (unsurprisingly), but who is worthy of my final rose now that my style journey has come to an end?  *Insert montage of me pacing and crying, trying to decide who to choose as my tears are punctuated by dramatic music.*

Nah, this decision isn’t that hard. I choose all of you! My friends, family, social media followers, Internet strangers–I have so appreciated all of your support. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but taking the time to read my work–to even be aware of my work–validates the creative energy I put into this project. My dream is to be a writer, and I feel like this series has gotten me one step further to achieving that goal. (If not, at least I had a great time and got some writing practice.)

Who wore it better?

JoJo Style Challenge

Someday I’ll find a fish-kissing man to call my own//Photo credit: Cary Fetman

JoJo wore these white cutoffs several times this season. They first made an appearance in episode 9 on her date with Chase as they giggled their way through the streets of Phuket, Thailand. Not only did Chase kiss a fish, but he also told JoJo he loved her. Unfortunately, these personal (and physical) declarations of love weren’t enough, and Chase was sent packing after being offered an overnight date card. You’re an ice queen, JoJo!

The white cutoffs showed up again in the finale. JoJo paired them with a black floral blouse (that I loved), similar to the one I’m wearing for this post. (Will we also see the cutoffs on Bachelor in Paradise?)

Summer is my least favorite season to dress for because I don’t understand how to make summer clothes look stylish. And (I’m not proud of this) I will avoid going outside in the summer for this reason. When I am forced to endure the heat, you’ll likely find me in a pair of shorts I’ve had since high school and a t-shirt. This is a look I never would have put together on my own, and, thanks to this style challenge, I feel a lot more confident in my ability to create cute, practical summer-ready outfits.

I hope you’ve had as much fun following this series as I had putting it together. Enjoy your first weekend of August! (Guys, how is it back-to-school season already??)

What’s your least favorite season to dress for? And what do you think of JoJo’s final pick?


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