Fashion Throwback [summer dreaming]

Until yesterday, Columbus experienced a few days of sunshine and warm temperatures. While not at all normal for this time of year, I couldn’t help but enjoy the beautiful weather. I had a gorgeous sunset as my backdrop on my run Friday night, and I walked around barefoot outside at a party I attended Saturday night. Though I’m more of a spring and fall kind of gal, this weather had me summer dreaming.

Today’s fashion throwback features two of my favorite purchases from last summer. I love a good crop top, especially one as sweetly feminine as this one (from H&M). The culottes (I believe that’s the correct fashion terminology I’m looking for here) were, admitedly, an impulse buy from Anthropologie. The pattern, the fabric, the fit…I couldn’t resist!

Growing up, my mom wasn’t very hands on when it came to traditionally girly things–hair, make-up, clothes. (Sorry, mom!) In hindsight, I’m grateful that my parents (perhaps, unintentially) didn’t force gender roles on me. However, I’ve had some catching up to do during young adulthood as I’ve embraced my feminine side.

I mention this because, while seemingly small, one goal I made for myself at the beginning of 2016 was step up my braid/hair game–something neither my mom nor friends ever showed me how to do. I could do curls and the most basic of braids, but French braids and fishtails always eluded me. Well, dear reader (hi, mom!) I’m proud to announce that I am officially adequate at creating these two kinds of braids. To prove it, here are some pictures of my hair (and accessories) lookin’ quite dope.

[Necklace and earrings are vintage. Ring is H&M. Bobby pin is Anthropologie.]

One thing I wanted to add to my blogging toolkit is vlogging. Below–my first attempt at video stuff in years. Let me know what you think. (But be nice. I’ve got a fragile ego.)


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