Megan Miller at Belcourt Taps


Carely//November 2016-Present

Written by me:

Edited by me:

614now.com//September 2016-Present


Social Media Marketing

Moovers and Shakers//Summer 2014-Fall 2015
I primarily served as the social media manager for this Nashville food truck. I also worked as a server, which gave me the opportunity to collect and post event information in real-time.

Megan Miller//Holiday 2014
I had the pleasure of working with American Idol contestant Megan Miller from Thanksgiving until Christmas. I helped develop several of her holiday social media campaigns, and I did some behind-the-scenes work with her social media pages.


I design all my graphics in Photoshop Elements and InDesign. All photos (unless otherwise noted) are taken with my old school Nikon D40. (If you are interested in working with me, please visit my contact page.)

I created this 8×11 poster to be displayed at the welcome desk of Baywoods Place-a long-term care facility in Ontario and one of Rivera’s properties. Revera is a Carely partner, which means this organization encourages their families to download and use our app, and their contact information/website are featured on our app.

Poster for Revera

Moovers and Shakers
These graphics were created for and posted to Moovers and Shakers’ social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).

Hit the Ground Running//Fall 2014-Spring 2015
I served as member of Hit the Ground Running, an artist and business marketing and development group. I freelanced for clients of AD3 Studios, specializing in social media content development and strategy as well as graphic design. Clients included: Megan Miller, Kaitie Wade, and Morgan Bosman. Below is a sample of graphic design work and photography I produced for each client.

Megan Miller
In addition to offering social media guidance, I photographed Megan and served as her primary online graphics designer.

Megan Miller at Belcourt Taps
Photo by Kate Dearman

Kaitie Wade//Early 2015
These graphics were used to promote the release of Kaitie’s single, “Tail Lights,” on her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Photos used for Kaitie’s graphics taken by Rebecca Anne Photography.

Morgan Bosman//Early 2015
Much like my time with Megan, I served as Morgan’s go-to for photography and graphics.

Social media “business card”
Created for Morgan to give to people at her shows so they can find her on social media.

Morgan Bosman social media info card
Photo provided by the artist.

Miscellaneous “Dear James” Graphics
Created for and posted to Morgan’s Facebook and Instagram accounts to promote the release of her single “Dear James.”

All photos below taken and edited by me.

Bandcamp Banner Image
Used to build-up Morgan’s Bandcamp page. Image still in use as of July 2016. Also visible: my photos/graphics for “Dear James” and “Notice Me.”

Morgan Bosman Bandcamp Banner Image

Facebook Banner Image
Used to promote the release of “Dear James.”

Morgan Bosman "Dear James" Facebook banner image


While storytelling has been both an academic and recreational interest of mine since childhood, my hands-on experience with broadcasting began in high school. I took a broadcasting course for two semesters, and I was always eager to read the morning announcements. Since then, I have produced numerous video projects, and I have served as a news anchor, host, and DJ.

Filming and Editing

University of Mount Union Sorority Recruitment Video (2010)
Filmed and edited

I participated in Greek Life during my time at Mount Union. I created this video during my senior year as a way of giving back to the sorority community, and it was used as an educational video for women going through the recruitment process.


Megan Miller–O Holy Night (2014)

I was asked to edit the video for Megan’s cover of “O Holy Night.”The video, along with an audio download, were made available several weeks before Christmas.

Please do not reuse or reprint any of my work or images without my consent. If you’d like to use one of my images or designs please contact me or provide a link back to my work. Thank you, kindly.

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