Over the years, I’ve written about a variety of different topics, and this writing has appeared in numerous forms including blog posts, emails, and social media posts. My writing “voice” is versatile, and I have a strong grasp of grammar and punctuation.

Carely//November 2016-Present

I’ve had the opportunity to write numerous blog posts for Carely. The purpose of our blog is to highlight current hospice marketing trends and coach those in the industry on social media marketing opportunities. These writing samples exemplify my industry-specific, professional writing abilities.

Written by me:

Edited by me:

Email Marketing

After establishing a new partnership, we work with organizations to create co-branded marketing material for both teams (internal) and families/caregivers (external). Part of this material can include an email blast that’s sent from leadership to employees to introduce them to Carely and announce our partnership. I took the original version of this email and applied more strategic messaging to it–paying careful attention to the messenger (hospice administrators), audience (hospice employees) and purpose (announcing the partnership, establishing interest in our product, and getting employees to sign-up for our webinar).

SUBJECT: {Partner organization name} Partnership Announcement-A Mobile App for Families in Hospice & Palliative Settings

{First name of partner member},

At {partner organization name} we’re always looking for new products and services that will positively impact the lives of families in your care. Today, we are excited to announce our partnership with Carely, a mobile application that achieves this goal by putting family communication in one place.

Caregiving communication is a challenge our families face. Carely helps alleviate some of the caregiving stress by providing families with a central, secure, and easy-to-use place to communicate with each other about the care and needs of their loved one. Carely primarily achieves this through its social feed, where families are able to plan, track, and reflect on visits made to a loved one. The app also includes provider pages which make finding important hospice provider information more convenient for families.

Mike Eidsaune, the founder of Carely, will be hosting a webinar on {date} at {time} to talk about the company’s role in hospice innovation, to demo the Carely platform, and to share the results of a year-long pilot with Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton. We encourage you to attend.

If you plan to join us, please click {this link} to register for the webinar. If you are unable to make it but would like to learn more about Carely, please reach out to Mike directly at mike@care.ly.

As a result of our partnership, Carely will be offering a discounted subscription price for our members. More information about this to come.

We hope to see you on the {date}!


614now.com//September 2016-March 2017

I love writing about food and community events. The pieces I’ve written for 614now.com, in contrast to my Carely work, convey my conversational and playful writing style. (My blog also serves as an example of this.)


Social Media Marketing

Moovers and Shakers//Summer 2014-Fall 2015
I primarily served as the Social Media Manager for this Nashville-based food truck. I also worked as a server, which gave me the opportunity to collect and post event information in real-time. Overall, I helped the organization create more engaging, consumer-driven content across all social media platforms with a particular focus on Instagram. I implemented weekly schedule posts (so people knew where to find the truck every week) and focused on creating high-quality image-based posts for both Facebook and Instagram in order to increase engagement and awareness and to promote our delectable ingredients and products.


The following are two examples of Facebook posts I made on behalf of Moovers and Shakers. Example one is promotional in nature and example two supported my overall online branding strategy. Both showcase my ability to create informative and playful audience-geared content.

  • Promotional Post//August 12, 2015
    “We’ll be heading out to the East Nashville Farmers Market at 2:30. Until then, enjoy this photo of one of this week’s specials—The Cookie Lyon (cookie dough ice cream, Oreos, butterscotch, brown sugar, cinnamon, and French vanilla). She’s sweet, sexy, and definitely badass. #nfta #foodtrucksnash #cookielyon”
  • Online Branding//August 24, 2015
    “Ah, sea salt. A most beloved ingredient that compliments caramel’s sweetness so perfectly. We’re not ashamed to admit that one of our favorite parts of fall is consuming all the salted caramel products we can. #webasic What’s your favorite way to use/eat sea salt?”


Because Instagram is consumed at a much faster pace than Facebook, I always tried to keep our captions brief but engaging. These examples demonstrate my ability to plan and execute strategic content as well as emulate the brand’s voice. I also made use of relevant hashtags–focusing on words that were popular locally (#foodtrucksnash) and on a larger scale (#foodporn).

  • Product Feature

Instagram Example 1.jpg

  • Relationship-Building

Instagram Example 2.jpg


I design all my graphics in Photoshop Elements and InDesign.

I write the copy for and design various promotional materials for Carely. This displays my aptitude for developing and executing strategic, creative brand messages for my organization.

This handout is used to promote our organization to potential partners.

Info Handout for Med-Pass.jpg

Our partners provides these postcards to patients and families during the patient intake process. This specific version is branded for Hospice of Cincinnati.


Intake postcard--Hospice of Cincy.jpg


Intake postcard--Hospice of Cincy2.jpg



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