JoJo Style Challenge Day 4

JoJo Style Challenge

Happy Thursday, friends! The weekend is only a day away which means my week-long JoJo Style Challenge is coming to end. Try not to get too choked about it. Everything must come to an end; and so it goes. But I’ve still got two new looks to discuss. So let’s get started with today’s post, shall we?

In episode 7, JoJo and her harem of super fit, perfectly coiffed men headed to Buenos Aires. JoJo finally gave Alex a one-on-one date. After a long, awkward car ride down a seemingly never-ending road they arrived at a ranch. While there, Alex was forced by producers voluntarily dressed up as a gaucho, though he looked more like a gondolier, especially next to JoJo in her modern-ranch chic ensemble. (Can this be a thing?)

Who wore it better?

JoJo Style Challenge

And who has the better thousand-yard stare?//Photo credit: Cary Fetman via JoJo Fletcher

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JoJo Style Challenge Day 2

Day 2.1

2-4-1 Tuesday!

You’re not imagining things, folks. Today, I’ll be featuring two of JoJo’s looks for the price of one!

For those of you new to the blog–welcome! I’m on day two of my self-imposed “JoJo Style Challenge.” Every day this week I will attempt to channel my style guru–JoJo Fletcher from this season of The Bachelorette. Yesterday, I recreated her comfy casual look from episode two. Today, I am featuring outfits she wore on two different one-on-one dates with Luke Pell. (My top pick for next season’s Bachelor. Though, I don’t really want him to go on the show because I want him all to myself. Amirite, ladies??).

Also, can we just take a moment to acknowledge how Luke is in a near constant state of smoldering? Someone get that man a glass of milk! (Meanwhile, I’m going to take a cold shower.)

Luke Pell

Photo courtesy of Luke Pell

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JoJo Style Challenge Day 1


“Slay, Queen JoJo, Slay!”

If you visited me on a Monday night, during Miss JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette, chances are you would catch me yelling this at my TV. (Or texting it to my mom, who’s also a big Bachelor[ette] fan.) I’ve always enjoyed the female-led iteration of The Bachelor franchise (minus the slut-shaming during Katilyn’s season). To me, The Bachelorette is what dreams are made of–dating more than one guy at a time, romantic and unique dates with beautiful backdrops, sexy (often shirtless) men vying for your attention. Sign me up!

As a long-time Bachelor-franchise fan one of my favorite episode-viewing activities (besides drinking–duh) is getting style inspiration from The Bachelorettes. I will follow every season’s lead on Instagram and screenshot my favorite looks. Of the twelve seasons, JoJo’s wardrobe has been one of my favorites. Her make-up and style are simple, accessible, and feminine. Even her rose ceremony and cocktail party looks are chic and timeless, but with modern touches (for example: shoulder cutouts, crop tops and high-waist bottoms). So, I say again: slay, queen JoJo, slay. Continue reading

#ootd [spring stripes]

I’m back! From outer space!

Nah–I’ve just been busy focusing on some of my other interests the past year. (My other interests primarily being stuffing my face with food then running to keep the aforementioned food from getting too cozy in my body.) And, as a writer, inspiration most certainly ebbs and flows. While my figurative cup runneth over with fashion inspiration, my brain lacketh the interest in blogging about it.

To be honest, motivation to return to this blog has been hard to find as I’ve realized I’m a teeny-tiny voice in an ocean full of opinions about fashion, food, and life. What makes my opinions worth reading? Why should people support this endeavour? I’m more confident than ever in the young woman I’ve become, but I’m not sure I have an answer to that question. What I do know is that I’m doing this blog for myself as a form of creative expression, not for the promise of attention or commercial endorsements. (Although, it would be super cool to get paid to write someday! A girl can dream.) Continue reading

Winter Pieces and Spring Essentials (and a blog update)

Christina’s Best Life Update

Christina's Best Life Title

Greetings, friends! And welcome to the new and improved version of Christina’s Best Life! After months of inactivity I thought a new design would motivate me to start blogging again. In the months since starting this blog I’ve found that, while super fun, blogging is a time-consuming undertaking. When I began this blog it was a much-needed source of inspiration at a time when I was disinterested in nearly everything in my life. Since Thanksgiving (which is about the time of my last entry), I’ve taken a more active role in creating my own happiness, instead of expecting others (mainly my husband) to make me happy. With my renewed sense of self-awareness has come an openness toward new experiences (which means I’ve had less free time to blog).

That being said, moving forward, the purpose of this blog will reflect my wider range of interests. While still primarily an outlet for my creative writing, Christina’s Best Life now includes samples of my freelance photography and graphic design work. I also hope that the new design makes my content more accessible for y’all. I mean…you all. (It’s official. the South is affecting my speech.)

Now, onto the more fun portion of this entry–a look at some of my favorite winter-to-spring looks from a recent trip I took to Ohio! Continue reading

#ootd [sunny days & fuzzy sweaters]

glasses//warby parker ainsworth in elderberry
blouse//lauren conrad for kohl’s (old)//similar polka dot chiffon secretary blouse
sweater//h&m (old)//similar mohair-blend sweater in light pink
pants//gap (old)//similar 1969 always skinny skimmer jeans
boots//report jesslyn harness boot [originally featured in Sweaters, dresses, and leggings–OH MY!]

I’m back from a brief hiatus. I’ve been quite busy with some freelance work, and I just haven’t had a good chunk of time to sit down and write. On the plus side, I’ve started about two or three posts that I intend to finish before Christmas! (That’s my goal, anyway.)

I’d forgotten how good pink and green look together until I created this outfit. Green’s earthiness is a nice contrast to pink’s femininity. I added a high-low polka-dotted blouse to break up the two solid colors.

I purchased this cozy pink sweater after seeing it on Lana Del Ray, the face of H&M’s 2012 holiday campaign. I don’t wear this sweater too often because it’s quite itchy. I also find it challenging to layer heavier sweaters, like this one. I don’t want to wear long-sleeves underneath because I’ll get too hot. But anything shorter than long-sleeves leaves a lot of skin exposed to the sweater’s itchy wrath! First world problems, indeed. Continue reading

Plaid Thai [Food & Fashion]

It’s official! I have bought my domain–! The new website name does double duty. It gives a clearer picture of the type of content I am producing, and it’s a great way to promote my personal brand. I am excited to continue publishing quality content about all the fashion, food, and fun that inspires me.

Today is a combo post! I will be sharing information about both fashion and food I enjoyed on September 13.

In summary, Jesse and I enjoyed a simple night out. Plaid was worn, and Thai food was consumed. (Get it? Plaid Thai? I’m so pun-ny!)

“One tall pumpkin spice latte, please.”

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#ootd [canadian tuxedo]

If sticky humidity before 9 a.m. and crickets chirping loudly at at all hours of the day are any indication, the dog days of summer are officially here in Nashville. It’s not my favorite time of year. Although, does anyone really enjoy having a layer of condensation attached to their forehead as soon as they step outside? I’m really more of a spring and fall kind of gal. This humidity has got me longing for legging and sweater weather. But, in the meantime, why not take pictures by the pool to show of my outfit of the day?

I always thought denim-on-denim was weird. But, a few summers ago, I was inspired to buy the chambray top featured in today’s outfit. Since then, I’ve worn the shirt dozens of times. (An example of one way I’ve worn the shirt can be seen in my “Fashion Throwback” post about my engagement-photo outfit.) Chambray shirts make great cover ups for a variety of different outfits. Also, they’re a lot more comfortable to layer with than a denim jacket.

Summer-Approved Canadian Tuxedo
I ran errands in this outfit, although it is probably better suited for a day at the mall with friends or movies and ice cream with your boo thing. In addition to the shirt, you may also remember the shorts and headband. They were both featured in “My Shopping Bag” from  July 11.

headband//charming charlie
shades//ray ban
shorts//urban outfitters

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