Sweaters, dresses, and leggings–OH MY!

Fall Fashion Obsessions

I went a little crazy with my shopping, recently. I don’t regret my purchases (though I think my bank account does). As September drew to a close I felt inspired to add some new pieces to my fall wardrobe. Besides spring, fall is my favorite season, not because of the pumpkin-spiced everything but because it means layering and comfy clothes! My recent purchases include sweaters, dresses, leggings, boots, and a swim suit. (Hey, it was on sale, and it was too cute to pass up.)

I’m excited to show you my cute and cozy purchases! And, much as I’d like to keep them a secret, I’ll also be sharing with you some of my favorite online boutiques.

Free People-Gemma Tunic in Black
additional colors at freepeople.com

Modeled later in this post, this tunic is so rad. It’s tight and loose in all the right places, and it’s the perfect length to wear with both leggings and jeans. It can be layered and accessorized. I’m excited about the future outfits this piece will inspire.

Also, can we discuss the fact that, in addition to the shoes available, Zappos has a great clothing selection? Plus, they offer free returns for up to a year, and they’re currently offering free one-business day shipping. This tunic was listed at the same selling price as the item on Free People’s site so, unlike Amazon, you’re not as likely to get discounted brand name clothing and shoes. However, I enjoy treating myself to a Zappos purchase a few times a years. Continue reading


My Shopping Bag [8.22.14]

Breakfast Bowl

Cheddar explosion.

Last Friday (8/22) my friend Jasmine and I went The Garden Brunch Cafe (for the second time) with our friend, Ashleigh, to celebrate her birthday. (More information about my first visit to The Garden can be found in “My Shopping Bag [7.11.14].”) While I really wanted to have the pecan pancakes again, I decided to be a little adventurous. I tried The Garden’s breakfast bowl–home fries, turkey bacon, and eggs, topped with tons of cheddar cheese and served with a side of toast. I also ordered the “Martinelli” mimosa–champagne and sparkling apple cider. I devoured my plate. If you live in the Nashville area you’re doing yourself a disservice not trying The Garden Brunch Cafe!

Our first stop after breakfast was Flip for Women, a consignment store that sells “mid to upper tier designer” clothing and accessories (Want to Shop). Flip for Men opened in 2005, and the women’s store, located on 8th Avenue South, opened in February of this year. My first impression was that the store was very clean and meticulously organized. Each rack is organized by size and color (ROYGBIV style). I made sure to browse every rack, and I wound up with 19 items (eek!). Fortunately, I didn’t have to carry everything with me while I shopped. Three different associates approached me when they noticed I had two or three items draped over my arm. My items were placed on a rack behind the register, waiting for me to fall in love with all of them.

I enjoyed my fitting room experience. The lighting is perfect (bright but soft illumination) and the rooms are spacious, the carpeting is clean, and there is a huge three-way mirror you can model in front of. There are, however, only three rooms. Depending on how busy the store gets I imagine this will cause some customer irritation.

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My Shopping Bag [7.11.14]

Garden Brunch Cafe

Foreground (my food): Pecan pancakes with turkey bacon and potatoes Background (Jasmine’s food): Bananas foster pancakes with turkey bacon, eggs, and potatoes

The day after my friend Jasmine’s birthday we had a shopping day. Well, we started our day with an amazing breakfast at The Garden Brunch Cafe near downtown Nashville. She ordered the bananas foster pancakes and I order the pecan pancakes. Both were delectable and perfectly fluffy. If you live in Nashville or plan to visit the city I would definitely recommend that you stop here, (Although, I’ve heared that sometimes the wait can be a bit ridiculous. I think we got to the restaurant at the right time. No wait and prompt service.)

Anyway, after a filling and soul-satisfying breakfast we decided to go shopping. Our first stop was Urban Outfitters. It was much smaller of a store than I was expecting, especially since it’s the only location in/near the city. It’s a very well-maintained store, though.

I didn’t find a lot of full-priced items that caught my eye, but I did find several sale items that I ended up buying. I ended up buying an over-sized cardigan (I’ve never owned one before, which is surprising given that I’m originally from northeast Ohio–they’re worn nearly year round there), a neon orange baby doll dress, high-waisted rose-patterned shorts, and a Red Hot Chili Peppers tee shirt for my husband. (All items can be viewed at the bottom of this post.) Continue reading