Liebster Award

Liebster Award

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I was pleasantly surprised, yesterday, to be selected as a recipient of the Liebster Award, courtesy of Thays over at Silly Crazy Love. I’d never heard of the award. Fortunately Lorraine, over at Wording Well, offers a comprehensive summary of the Liebster Award, its premise, and rules. Basically, it encourages more successful bloggers to bring attention to the lesser known blogs they love. It’s a great way for like-minded bloggers to get to know one another, and helps drive more traffic to the lesser-known blogger’s website.

11 Facts About Yours Truly
1. I have two tattoos, a cat (aka, my “cattoo”) on my left forearm, and a heart on my ankle.

2. I’ve met Gavin DeGraw four times. (Shout out to my best friend Allison for making this one of our many traditions!)

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Sweaters, dresses, and leggings–OH MY!

Fall Fashion Obsessions

I went a little crazy with my shopping, recently. I don’t regret my purchases (though I think my bank account does). As September drew to a close I felt inspired to add some new pieces to my fall wardrobe. Besides spring, fall is my favorite season, not because of the pumpkin-spiced everything but because it means layering and comfy clothes! My recent purchases include sweaters, dresses, leggings, boots, and a swim suit. (Hey, it was on sale, and it was too cute to pass up.)

I’m excited to show you my cute and cozy purchases! And, much as I’d like to keep them a secret, I’ll also be sharing with you some of my favorite online boutiques.

Free People-Gemma Tunic in Black
additional colors at

Modeled later in this post, this tunic is so rad. It’s tight and loose in all the right places, and it’s the perfect length to wear with both leggings and jeans. It can be layered and accessorized. I’m excited about the future outfits this piece will inspire.

Also, can we discuss the fact that, in addition to the shoes available, Zappos has a great clothing selection? Plus, they offer free returns for up to a year, and they’re currently offering free one-business day shipping. This tunic was listed at the same selling price as the item on Free People’s site so, unlike Amazon, you’re not as likely to get discounted brand name clothing and shoes. However, I enjoy treating myself to a Zappos purchase a few times a years. Continue reading

#ootd [in love with lace]

This was an important week for me, mainly because I’ve been given the opportunity to display my social media and marketing prowess in a professional setting. I don’t know how much information I can disclose since the details of this job opportunity are still being developed. But let’s just say that I will likely be consuming a lot of milkshakes (of the ice cream variety) in the foreseeable future.

Besides the unwavering support of my mom and husband something else gave me the confidence to succeed in the meetings I had this week–lace! Today’s #ootd post is a double feature, focusing on two lace-inspired looks.

Wednesday: Dressed to Impressed
For my first meeting this week I wore one of my favorite dresses–a feminine and versatile piece I purchased last spring from Girly Girl Boutique. Girly Girl Boutique has become one of my preferred online shopping destinations. I love the youthful, simple, and preppy items they sell.

necklace//h&m (current season)//similar-short silver chain necklace & short gold necklace with roses
dress//girly girl boutique (old)//similar-spring wedding dress
shoes//nine west (old)//similar-Fergalicious mesh platform wedges
***Wedges are my favorite shoe style! They give you the height of a heel without the blister-inducing discomfort.

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Flavorsome Food Trucks in Franklin

Food trucks in parking lotThe Third Annual Street Food Awards took place at Nashville Farmers’ Market this past Saturday. After stuffing my face with delicious food at Whiskey Kitchen I opted not to join my friends Jasmine and Ashleigh at this event. When I saw them this week at work they couldn’t stop talking about the delicious food they tried. Their trip, and my recent Live on the Green experience, got me thinking–how many food trucks are there in Nashville, and why haven’t I thought to try any of them before now?! So, I’ve decided to focus my ongoing dining-out experiences on food trucks. I’m excited to chow down on the delectable choices music city’s food trucks have to offer!

With Backstreet Boys serenading me through my speakers and AC blasting I was prepared for my 30 minute drive to Franklin to begin my first Nashville food truck journey. What possessed me to drive so far to try food-truck food? Because 1) I was determined to try Moovers and Shakers, which received accolades from Jasmine and Ashleigh, and 2) I had a hunch that I would avoid long lines by showing up at a nondescript location (as opposed to a large event, like Live on the Green).

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#ootd [live on the green]

Jesse and Christina at LOTG

All smiles before the torrential rainstorm

Thursday evening Jesse and I attended Live on the Green (LOTG), a free summer concert series hosted by Nashville’s independently owned rock music station, Lightning 100 (WRLT). Nashville musicians and well-known rock and alternative bands perform in front of the historical Metropolitan Courthouse at Public Square Park. The two acre park sits on top of a subterranean parking lot and “acts as an open public meeting space while also capturing and utilizing over 50,000 gallons of rainwater each year” (Greening, Live on the Green). Besides bringing free music to the residents of Nashville, LOTG has specific guidelines for all of its performers and vendors in order to make it a more environmentally conscious event.

This particular evening, All Them Witches, The Features, and Capital Cities performed. We specifically came to see Capital Cities because we’d missed seeing them on several occasions in past year or so. Capital Cities is “our band” as a couple (second to The Damnwells). We’ve shared many silly moments singing and dancing along to the songs from their debut album, A Tidal Wave of Mystery. Since they’re so special to us I decided to purchase VIP tickets to the event. The VIP package were definitely worth it, especially when it began to monsoon toward the end of All Them Witches’ performance. (More on our Live on the Green experience shortly.)
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#ootd [prints-n-patterns]

Several weeks ago a friend of mine hosted a farewell party for a coworker of ours who has since moved to Florida. “What a great opportunity to come up with a fun outfit to share on my blog,” I thought. I don’t often feel inspired to mix prints and patterns mainly because I’ve never been confident enough. I’ve also been hesitant to embrace the crop top. I have a curvy tummy so I assumed that crop tops would just accentuate my middle (and make me super self-conscious). I wound up tackling both of these insecurities in one outfit! Not only that but it took me, maybe, 30 seconds to put my top and bottom together.

skirt//h&m (old)
watch//urban outfitters (old)

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#ootd [canadian tuxedo]

If sticky humidity before 9 a.m. and crickets chirping loudly at at all hours of the day are any indication, the dog days of summer are officially here in Nashville. It’s not my favorite time of year. Although, does anyone really enjoy having a layer of condensation attached to their forehead as soon as they step outside? I’m really more of a spring and fall kind of gal. This humidity has got me longing for legging and sweater weather. But, in the meantime, why not take pictures by the pool to show of my outfit of the day?

I always thought denim-on-denim was weird. But, a few summers ago, I was inspired to buy the chambray top featured in today’s outfit. Since then, I’ve worn the shirt dozens of times. (An example of one way I’ve worn the shirt can be seen in my “Fashion Throwback” post about my engagement-photo outfit.) Chambray shirts make great cover ups for a variety of different outfits. Also, they’re a lot more comfortable to layer with than a denim jacket.

Summer-Approved Canadian Tuxedo
I ran errands in this outfit, although it is probably better suited for a day at the mall with friends or movies and ice cream with your boo thing. In addition to the shirt, you may also remember the shorts and headband. They were both featured in “My Shopping Bag” from  July 11.

headband//charming charlie
shades//ray ban
shorts//urban outfitters

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